Why a motorbike GoPro gyrocam mount needs to stabilize one axis only?

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Why a motorbike GoPro gyrocam mount needs to stabilize one axis only?

Why a motorbike GoPro gyrocam mount needs to stabilize one axis only?

Both SteadyRide and Wenpod X1 are one-axis gyroscopic mounts for action cameras, made specifically for GoPro and allowing you to have your own motorbike gyrocam with professional stabilization results.

One of the most frequently asked question we receive is “why to cover only one axis when stabilizing a motorbike on-board video?” Most people seem not to completely understand this, so here we go.

A three-dimensional real object always rotates around imaginary lines called rotation axis. Essentially, talking about a motorbike, any movement regarding its spacial relative position can be tracked to one of the following three axis – Roll, Pitch and Yaw.  To make this easier to assimilate (we know, it should be easy to understand!), the graphic representation of these axis is shown in the picture below.

GoPro gyrocam Dareware Labs

The Yaw axis may also be called Vertical axis, the Pitch may be referred as Lateral axis and the Roll axis is also known as Longitudinal axis.

Please remember that these axis are established taking into consideration where the front of the bike is and they are always related to the bike regarding the surrounding environment (tarmac for example).  For instance, if you are speeding in a straight line at 80mph and you suddenly squeeze the brakes of your machine: the bike will move on it’s Pitch axis only, as the front fork will dive and the bike will have its tail lifted. The movement is considered a rotation on the Pitch axis. Note that the other two axis do not suffer any rotation on this case.

Since what actually happens is a rotation, the measurement is taken in degrees (an angle).

A much easier way to understand: you will have rotation on the Roll axis basically only when the bike is banking or in essence when you are cornering. If your bike is sitting still on the upright position, you have a zero deg rotation on the Roll axis. That said, you will have a certain amount of degrees of rotation on the Roll axis once cornering in a circuit, as exemplified below.

GoPro Gyrocam SteadyRide

Since the imaginary Roll axis passes through the bike from the headlights to tail, this is actually the only axis that interest us. As the objective of the SteadyRide is to keep the footage leveled with the ground regardless the position of the bike when cornering, our goal when designing it was to self-level the Roll axis. Only.

This way, you can still capture the amazing (and wanted from a gyrocam) bike reactions to acceleration/deceleration, skidding in wet asphalt and so on. Only the bike banking to the left and right will be stabilized, automatically. If we have decided to stabilize all three axis, you would have virtually any movement filtered by the motorized system and cancelled. We personally thought this would be…. boring for bikers. The footage would be unrealistically perfect. And a much heavier/bulkier system would be in place too, power demanding and with added costs. And at the end of the day – there are plenty of not so friendly or reliable options out there already doing this (check here).

This way, our original proposal remains clear: to be a professional GoPro gyrocam system that keeps your on-board footage leveled with the ground all the times through a silent and automatic consumer electronic.

The SteadyRide was also designed to absorb a wide range of small vibration frequencies that we are aware bikes produce. This way your on-board action camera will provide you clear images – even in scenes with lots of motion such as in high speed twisted curves.

Unfortunately the SteadyRide project has been cancelled but we are selling the Wenpod X1.


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  • Richard

    Amazing post!

  • Matt

    indeed altough with one axis only the x1 works very well it does the job.

  • Ed

    Thanks guys I received my X1 yesterday and it is amazing! Just tested today in my Honda, will post videos later. Ed.

  • Barry RR

    Real good gyro, fast delivery too. A perfect match to my gopro black. Easy to install and totally automatic.

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