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Wenpod X1 – GoPro stabilizer for bikes

The Wenpod X1 is a gyroscopic 1-axis stabiliser for the GoPro Hero camera range, specially designed for motorcyclists. It is a rugged, weatherproof smart mounting system compatible with the GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4 and 5 cameras and its mounts. With bikers in mind, this automatic device features ground-breaking stabilization software to offer you the smoothest, most responsive onboard gyro footage available.

The Wenpod X1 uses gyroscopic technology to turn your GoPro into a MotoGP-like gyro-cam. It uses a highly sensitive set of gyroscope and accelerometers to detect the optimum filming position. As you ride your bike and lean into turns, the Wenpod X1 compensates for angular movement using a compact, yet powerful motor to maintain its horizontal position. Whether the X1 is mounted on the top of your bike or your helmet, it always levels your camera back to the horizontal position automatically.



► Set-up in under 1 minute

► No wiring, cabling or transmitters

► Up to 4 hours battery time

► Ride with you GoPro shockproof case in place

► No need to setup the camera upside down as required by other solutions

► Designed for two-wheels with tough riding in mind

► High-quality production result

► Your GoPro self-stabilizer gimbal for bikes




The Wenpod X1 is designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-mount. The calibration is automatic and is done within two seconds. The weight of your action camera is recorded and taken into account to provide you the smoother angular movements. It can literally be mounted in any position; sideways, backwards, upside down or forward. This makes it easy to mount your X1 to your bike’s fuel tank, rear seat cowl or side fairings (pointing forward or backwards).

Click here to visit the manufacturer’s website

Click here to download the Wenpod X1 tech specs sheet

The Wenpod X1 is not an anti-vibration device, it is just a gyro-mount. If you are currently capturing high-frequency vibrating footage when recording your activity (e.g. vibrating/jello-like video when mounted to your Harley Knucklehead’s tank…) this is potentially going to get worse with the X1. You must eliminate vibration first (change the mounting system, employ some vibration absorbing material or mount your GoPro  in a different location) before the Wenpod X1 can perform adequately.

gopro stabilizer for bikes dareware gyro

  • Get Ready

    Charge the battery and attach your GoPro

  • Mount

    Use your favourite mounting system

  • Enjoy

    Just ride your bike and have fun!

  • Repeat

    Do it again!

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Purchase – Wenpod X1 stabilizer in the UK (£ 119.90)
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Purchase – Wenpod X1 stabilizer in Europe ( 165.89)
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GoPro stabilizer for bikes

gopro stabilizer for bikes
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