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The Wenpod X1 action camera stabilizer

The Wenpod X1 action camera stabilizer

With loads of camera stabilizers out there promising you the world….. how do you know what to expect? And which stabilizer is the correct one for your needs?

If you’re looking for a stabilizer for your bike you have just reached the right place. Let’s discuss the Wenpod X1 mount.

The Wenpod X1

The X1 was designed and is currently produced by the Wenpod company. They’re specialized in stabilization systems and made phone stabilizers for years before the one-axis X1 concept was created. They’ve got years of expertise and thousand of units produced under their belt. The X1 is a extremely robust stabilization mount built for extreme sports lovers. Launched in late 2015, it stabilizes the footage horizontally, without sacrificing the thrill of dynamic motion in the video. Their original market was eyeing GoPro users, but the Wenpod X1 works with virtually any camera of the same shape/size./weight. Currently, the GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4 and 5 are compatible, together with Xiami cameras, SJ4000, SJ7000 and so on.

gopro stabilizer wenpod x1

The market

Since it’s launch, the X1 became the reference within the sports bike market due to it’s affordable price, long battery life and simplicity. It also does not suffer interference from engine vibrations and the extremely strong forces generated due to acceleration, corners, speed reductions and so on. Lately, sailing boats are employing the X1 too as a robust weatherproof option to keep the footage leveled when the boat rolls.

Proprietary tech

Using an advanced proprietary algoritm, the X1 is one of the easiest self-leveling gimbals available out there. It’s essentially plug and play. The hardest bit accordingly to customers is to locate the right spot on your bike to install it. The automatic calibration can be completed with the a touch of a button. The weight parameter of your action camera will be recorded, and calibrated by the device in seconds. Just secure the camera to the X1 and mount it safely to your bike.

Action in any position

The Wenpod X1 is also one of the few stabilizers out there that can be mounted in virtually any position. So feel free to have it sideways, at 45 deg or upside down: the calibration is totally automatic, and the electronic sensors of the mount will take care of everything. You just have fun! It is also one of the rare mounts that can be mounted facing forward or backwards in a bike and will work just fine.

Want to know more? Visit the Wenpod X1 page in our site to find out more and buy it now!

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  • Ted Mafia Blog

    Bought mine recently from you guys and it’s a great piece of equipment!

  • Sebastien Schilling

    Hello everyone,
    I would be very interested in your X1 gyro stabilizer!!
    How could I get it and what is the price etc…?
    Many thanks.

    • dareware_labs

      Hi Sebastien – sadly we stopped trading months ago. You may be able to find some units on Amazon.

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