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The MotoGP gyro camera – quick glance

The MotoGP gyro camera

This self-leveling gyroscopic camera is a uniquely designed compact recording device that gives the viewer a spectacular, distinctive and realistic view of on-board riding. Debuting in 2010, this device has proved to be the newest cutting edge technology designed to give watchers a mind blowing perspective they have never witnessed before.

 Who created it and how it works

Dorna Sports (which also holds the commercial rights for MotoGP) is credited with developing the technology that is utilized by the gyro camera in association with UAV Navigation, company that has been the lead supplier of top rated equipment for the unmanned aerial vehicles and the Red Bull Air Race series.

Their camera works in a rather unique way by capturing accurate and real time visuals and data, which is essentially what makes it very different from any previous MotoGP footage ever broadcasted . Their gyro camera is composed of one triaxial gyroscope, two accelerometers, one motor and a GPS – and is usually fixed on the horizon. At the heart of this technological creation is a microchip that provides real time data showing where the bike is located, its speed as well as the lean angles performed at corners.

Dareware labs motogp gyro camera design

One of the most amazing aspects of this device is that the processing of the data collected and streamed by the MotoGP gyro camera is done in real time, which helps a lot in controlling the miniaturized motor located inside the camera and of course giving the lens a real smooth movement. Essentially, the movement of the set lens+CCD sensor compensates for the bike’s lean angle, this way maintaining a horizon line that is fixed to mimic how the rider sees it. The movement is precisely executed by a micro servo motor. And this movement ensure that the resulting footage isn’t a shot that moves with the bike, but rather the bike tends to move around a certain reference point. This gives a much better perception of the rider’s dexterity as they undertake audacious moves and race at lightening speed through the corners.

What makes the MotoGP gyro camera so cool

Being such a cool technological masterpiece, you can certainly bet that there is no other of its kind on the market. And that’s correct. No other company makes one device that combines a small sports camera featuring a stabilizer plus a system that overlay the telemetry data and broadcast it real time with no wires. The exclusivity of the item makes it so special – and bear in mind that only hundreds were manufactured. The Spanish partnership Dorna-UAV Navigation has truly done a fantastic job and has updated how the world of bike racing is seen by enhancing the sport broadcast experience.

Not a MotoGP rider but keen on capturing your track days like a Pro? Check the the Wenpod X1: the world’s first wearable action sports camera stabilizer.

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Showing 16 comments
  • Gary

    Very interesting! Looking forward to see it out there!

  • Clayton Macleod

    Makes me wonder why this isn’t just done with electronics and no moving parts. I don’t see why you couldn’t do this with an accelerometer and a camera sensor that’s oversized enough to allow rotating the image as necessary to maintain the horizon.

    Edit: aha! There’s an iPhone app that does just that! Horizon Camera

    • dareware_labs

      Hi Clayton!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns!

      Yes… you are right! There are different ways of achieving image stabilization, but all of them will reduce the video quality drastically, specially when talking 1080p/60/120 or 4K usually employed for action sports. If you only use an App (we tested them all), you will have the quality/fps dropped for sure. The idea with the SteadyRide is to offer people a way to create original videos with different angles and only using their camera, not affecting the generated footage.

  • farisy

    very interesting.
    data broadcast in motogp speed is another challenge and dyro did it very good with excellent quality.

  • Martin O'Connolly

    Nice nice I love my Wenpod I bought from you guys

  • Four Ten

    Now I know why MotoGP bikes seems to have advance level camera.

  • Remco

    I’ve just been watching the TT in Assen, The Netherlands, and am wondering how the camera send it’s live video-feed to the directors room? I know of Live-U and WMT, but using that on a fast moving object is difficult. I don’t see any build in transmitter on the schematic. So how does that work?

    • dareware_labs

      Dear Remco,

      The streaming is a bit of a secret well kept, but what is known is that a special data module located just under the camera in the tail of each bike and connected directly to the cam streams in digital to a a very strong antenna located in the circuit. The system is known or called Vislink/Gigawave, and it is in place since 2003. The antenna also controls servos that move the cameras in the bikes. Hope it helps although is not much.

  • Rahulski

    i would really like to have a camera exactly like that but without delaware labs witchcarft secret streaming and other secret technologies you guys use but PLEASE, make a product that

    * Is exactly tht same form factor.
    * Easy attach and detach on the motorcycle.
    * Captures great 4k and 1080P footage with tht awesome imagestabilization witchcraft gyro.
    allows large Micro SD cards.
    * has optional line in attachment for microphone ( coz some pple like to vlog while they are
    riding etc)
    I know so many motorcyclists that fiddle with so many different drone gimballs and other expensive solutions like gopro gimball and dji gimballs etc for like 300 USD (not including a camera) to get decent video im sure if you guys launch a product like that and price it around 300 to 500 USD motorcyclists will buy it in a heart beat. and you will have that whole market to your company.

  • decoster

    Bonjour , je suis a la recherche d’une gopro dans le même genre que celle de moto gp ,

    Pourriez vous me dire ou je peux trouver cette gopro et a quel prix…?


    • dareware_labs

      Hello! Although we do not sell the camera, we do sell the gyro mount. The price is £119.00.

  • Azril Nazli Alias

    I’m interested on how video being transmitted at HD level in realtime. There’s requirement in Sepang F1 locl motorsport scenes.

    • dareware_labs

      Hi Azril! Although not recommended as it may affect and unbalance the gyro mount, some people managed to combine the Wenpod X1 + a Gopro Hero5 and a video transmitter in their bikes. It may be worth some playing with it.

  • Moshe

    i want to buy this gyro cam. but can’t find it anywhere.
    will you please advise the best price or the best way to purchase this camera?

    thank you for your reply.

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