The 4K tech (GoPro Hero 4 Silver vs Black) for track days

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The 4K tech (GoPro Hero 4 Silver vs Black) for track days

The 4K tech (GoPro Hero 4 Silver vs Black) for track days

When we talk about action cameras today, the buzz of the moment is the 4K. Is this feature really worth for a bike rider? And… does it interfere with image stabilization?

If you’re just interested in 4K as a new trend and a cool thing for your track day our word of advice is: forget the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Yes, this camera can shoot at 4K. Well, sort of. Let’s say: technically yes. At only 15 frames per second it is honestly a rather pointless feature if you are on top of a fast sports bike. To obtain decent footage of your ride you would need at least 30fps, ideally more according to all our tests so far. This is where the Hero 4 Black really comes in to its own with full 30fps 4K capabilities. Try to record with a Hero 4 Silver and you will essentially end up with blurry and dull footage, and no stabilization system in the world will help that. Only the Black edition will be worth when it comes to a 4K GoPro attached to your bike. Full stop.

Hidden gems

Also – and this is very important! – if you intend to shoot 4K 30fps, you’ll need the right tech to back it up; expensive (and fast!) high-capacity memory cards, a computer with some serious hardware, software to cope with 4K video edition – not to mention a 4K TV or monitor, preferentially large enough as this technology demands. As the camera will also need more juice (check how fast the GoPro battery is drained when recording in 4K30), you will need spare batteries and a charger.

You probably have realized by now: in order to obtain decent 4K results, your Hero 4 Black becomes a quite expensive toy after all if you combine all the items above.

Regarding image stabilization, if a product like the SteadyRide is employed as stabilizer there is no difference at all if you are recording 1080p, 2.7k or 4k. As the camera is kept straight all the time, the only thing to worry is to set your camera to the maximum fps adjustment you can get at the selected resolution. Again, we seriously do not recommend lower frame rates such as 15 or 25fps at all for bikers!

For video-loggers, also please think twice before investing too much: at the end of the day most people still watch YouTube videos in 720p or 1080p in their tablets and mobiles….. so before joining the “4K revolution” you must weigh the pros and cons of this tech. Are the videos great? Yes! Is the investment worth? Hmm…. depends on the person.



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  • Richard Tango

    Interesting article! Count on me to help with the SteadyRide campaign!

  • JamesTT


  • Tony

    Hi. so u guys are the creators of the wenpod x1 aswell ?.

    • dareware_labs

      Hi Tony!

      We aren’t. We are partners and the official distributor of the Wenpod X1 in the United Kingdom. We also export to the whole Europe and soon expanding further. After the SteadyRide stabilizer project was cancelled we joined the partnership with Wenpod for the resale in Europe.

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